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Updated June 3, 2020 - 2:01 AM EDT
Trump Pushes Military Solution to Unrest
  US Military Helicopters Deployed to Disperse DC Protesters
13 Dead in Protest-Related Shootings
  Clergy Attacked by Police To Clear Area for Trump Photo-Op
  Most Americans Say Protesters Justified in Anger Over Floyd Killing
Coronavirus Exacerbating Crisis in Yemen
  Saudis Intensify Bombing, but Will Co-Host Yemen Aid Conference
Afghan Govt Sees 'Significant Drop in Violence'
Russia Now Allows Use of Nukes vs. Non-Nuclear Strike
US 'Highly Unlikely' To Back July 1 West Bank Annexation
item Want to Fix the Deficit? Bring Home the Troops  by Doug Bandow
item This Is Not a Revolution. It's a Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation  by John W. Whitehead
item World Must Fight Against Israeli Annexation – Whether Formal or Not  by Ben White
item How Endless War Contributes to Police Brutality  by Bonnie Kristian
item Susan Rice Suggests Russians Fomented Floyd Protests, Violence  by Barbara Boland
item Supreme Court Can End Qualified Immunity  by C.J. Ciaramella

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Five Things to Know About Trump's Power Under the Insurrection Act
Agreement Reached on Paying S. Korean Workers at US Bases: Pentagon
US Court Orders Iran, Syria Liable for Attacks in Israel
Critics of Trump Protest Policies Span US Spectrum
Israel in Lebanon
Israeli Forces, Armed Lebanese Troops Square Off in Rare Border Confrontation
Israeli Tanks Cross Over Lebanese 'Blue Line' Border Fence 'For First Time Since 2006 War'
Netanyahu Said to Tell Settlers US Enthusiasm for Annexation 'May Have Lessened'
Pollster: East Jerusalem Palestinians Feel Increasingly Alienated From Israel
Palestinian Family Mourns Autistic Son Killed by Israel Police
Four-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Dies After Being Struck by Stray Bullet
Israeli Soldiers Filmed Throwing Tear Gas Into Palestinian Home and Slashing Car Tires
IDF Soldier Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Netanyahu on Social Media
Israeli Navy Ships Harass Palestinian Fisherman Off Gaza Coast
Israeli Troops Demolish Palestinian-Owned Home in Silwan, 6 Stores in Jerusalem
Israel to Demolish 200 Palestinian-Owned Industrial Structures in Jerusalem
Israeli Colonists Attack Palestinian Homes Near Nablus
Israeli Forces Hand Out Demolition Orders Near Hebron
Trump Administration Denied Iran Coronavirus Prisoner Swap
Iranian Scientist Deported From US After Acquittal in Trade Secrets Case
Campaigners Slam 'Whitewash' as Saudi Arabia Co-Hosts Yemen Humanitarian Conference
Amid Conflict and Coronavirus, Yemen Has Become One of the World's Busiest Migration Route
Officials Say Armed Men Killed Journalist in Southern Yemen
Donors Promise Yemen $1.35 Billion, Falling Short of UN Target to Save Aid Operations
Iraq Daily Roundup: 19 Killed
UK's Iraq War Crimes Probe Dismisses Thousands of Complaints
Security Forces Launch Major Anti-ISIS Offensive in Iraq
Fearing ISIS, Farmers Harvest Early in Iraq's Disputed Territories
Deadlock as Qatar Embargo Marks Three-Year Anniversary
Made in Qatar: Embargo and Pandemic Stoke Autonomy Drive
Middle East
US Embassy Snubbed UAE Offer for Covid-19 Tests Over China Privacy Concerns
Turkey Seeks to Arrest 118 Military Personnel Over Coup
Lebanon Denies Endorsing US Caesar Act Sanctions Bill Against Syrian Regime
Libya: Haftar's LNA Begins to Strike Back After String of Losses
Haftar's Forces 'Responsible for Majority of Civilian Deaths' in Libya Since 2019
Roadside Bomb in Somalia Kills Six
Kenyans Protest as Police Accused of Killing Homeless Man
Nigerians Go Online to Demand 'Justice' for Abuses Against Women
Algeria to Release Two Protest Leaders: Opposition Politician
Sudan Appoints New Defense Chief Amid Tensions With Ethiopia
EU Balks at Adding Russia Back Into G7
Russia Invites US Defense Minister to Red Square Military Parade
Armenia May Face a New Lockdown, Prime Minister Says
'Stop the Cockroach': Protests Rattle Belarus President Lukashenko Before Election
Govt Reaction to Unrest
Pentagon Official Walks Back Trump Claim That Top Military Officer Is in Charge of Protest Response
Minnesota Governor Orders Full Guard Mobilization, Asks Pentagon for Additional Help With Civil Unrest
Pentagon Taps $688 Million in Coronavirus Aid for Defense Industry
Protests Trigger Strictest Federal Prison Lockdown in 25 Years
Democratic Senator Plans Defense Bill Amendment to Bar Using Troops Against Protesters
Lawmakers Want Must-Pass Defense Bill to Protect Protestors From the Military
Top Air Force General Vows to Fight Racism in the Service Amid Nationwide Protests
From the Protests/Riots
Illinois Man Charged With Handing Out Explosives to Minneapolis Rioters
Six Atlanta Officers Charged After Students Pulled From Car
Shadowy Protesters Inflame, Muddle George Floyd Debate
Minnesota Files Civil Rights Charge Against State's Police Department Over George Floyd Killing
Attorney Says George Floyd's Family Has Been Told Other Three Officers 'Will Be Charged'
Minneapolis Volunteers Clean Up Streets After Floyd Protests
Global Reaction
Paris Police Brutality Protest Turns Violent
Demonstrators Abroad Identify With the Cause of US Protests
Protests Over Floyd's Death Expose Raw Race Relations Worldwide
Britain Says Violence Seen at US Protests Is Very Alarming
Germany's Top Diplomat: George Floyd Protests 'Legitimate,' Urges Press Freedom
In Israel, Protesters Demonstrate Against Floyd Killing
Hong Kong's Leader Decries US 'Double Standards' Over Protests
Video Shows an Australian TV Crew Being Shoved by Riot Police Carrying Shields During a Live Broadcast
Australia Launches Probe Into Police Violence Against TV Crew
China/Hong Kong
China Unveils Plan to Make Hainan a Free Trade Hub Like Hong Kong, Singapore as Risks of US Decoupling Loom
Wuhan Tests Nearly 10 Million People, Finds Only 300 Infections
Fifth Doctor From Wuhan Hospital Dies From Covid-19 After Long Battle
Pompeo Criticizes China on Tiananmen Square Anniversary Amid US Protests
30 Blasts in Kabul in Over 2 Months
Roadside Bomb in Taliban-Controlled Area Kills Civilians
Afghanistan: Two Killed in Bomb Attack Inside Kabul Mosque
Philippines Backs Off Threat to Terminate Military Pact With US
Indonesian Policeman Killed in ISIS-Claimed Attack
Pakistan Strongly Condemns Extra-Judicial Killing of Thirteen Kashmiris in a Single Day by Indian Occupation Forces
Venezuela's Oil Exports Sink to 17-Year Low, Choked by US Sanctions
The Geopolitics of Iran's Fuel Shipments to Venezuela
US Steps Up Sanctions Against Venezuela's Maritime Oil Trade
Venezuela Changes Policy to Enable Paying for Fuel With Petro Cryptocurrency
Brazil's Yanomamis Endangered by Miners Spreading Coronavirus
Mexico's President Says Military Is Aiding Missing Students Probe
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