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Updated March 4, 2021 - 7:38 PM EST
US Civilian Contractor Dies in Iraq Rocket Attack
  US Threatens Possible Military Action Over Iraq Rocket Attack
  Bipartisan Senators Bill Would Revoke Iraq AUMFs
Biden Nominee: Some Iran Sanctions Will Remain
  Israeli Environment Minister Claims Iran Is Behind Oil Spill
  Israel Urges UNSC To Censure Iran for Blast on Israeli Ship
Blinken: China Is the 'Biggest Geopolitical Test'
  US Working on Covid Vaccine Strategy in Asia to Counter China
US Bombers Fly Over Baltics in Message to Russia
House Dems Urge Biden to Lift 'Cruel' Cuba Sanctions
US Officials Held First Direct Meeting With Yemen's Houthis
UN: 38 Killed in 'Bloodiest Day' Since Coup Hit Myanmar
item We Need To Talk About Chad: Franco-America's Favorite Hired Gun  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Stop 'Reassuring' Reckless Clients in the Middle East  by Daniel Larison
item Internal Report: US Threw Away $2.4 Billion in Afghanistan  by Matthew Petti
item American Coups: Biden's First Tests  by Ted Snider
item Biden's Foreign Policy: No Joy in Mudville  by Thomas Knapp
item Biden On the Verge of Making the Same Mistakes as His Predecessors  by Frank Giustra & Andrew Bacevich

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Mapping Internet Shutdowns Around World
Macron Admits France Tortured and Murdered Algerian Freedom Fighter
Turkey May Not Seek Return to F-35 Project: Defense Industry Chief
The War at Home
RIP Mark Schlefer, the Man Who Made FOIA Happen
US Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to Bar Some Chinese Firms From Capital Markets
US Public Turns Against China in Worst Poll Savaging Since Last Year's Record
Pentagon Eyes Plan to Intensify Social Media Screening in Military Background Investigations
Facebook Lifts Ban on US Political Advertising
Navy Sailor Killed, Five Service Members Hurt in US Convoy Crash
South China Sea: Taiwan Fires Up Missile Tests to Coincide With Beijing's Month of Military Drills
Beijing to Berlin: Respect South China Sea Sovereignty During Frigate Visit
China and South Korea Open New Lines of Communication to Cut the Chance of a Military Mishap
'Anti-China Politicians' to Blame for Negative Global Sentiment Towards Country, Official Says
ISIS Says It Killed Female Media Workers in East Afghanistan
Slain Afghan Female Media Workers Buried in Jalalabad
34 Freed From Taliban Prison in Herat
Police Officer Killed, Another Wounded in Helmand Blast
Afghan President Advisor: Govt Considering Alternative Routes to Peace
'US Has Suggested International Conference on Afghanistan': Source
Myanmar Military-Named Deputy UN Ambassador Resigns
Pakistani PM to Face Confidence Vote After Senate Blow
Army Officer Shoots Himself Dead in Kashmir
Bangladeshi Cartoonist Granted Bail After Widespread Protests
Ethiopia Now Calls Axum Massacre Allegations 'Credible'
Ethiopia Releases Media Workers Detained in Tigray
Six Dead in Jihadist Attacks in Northeast Nigeria: Aid Groups
Violence Erupts as Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Return to Families
Interim Govt Calls on UN to Publish Report on Vote-Buying
Libya's New Government Says Migration Crisis Not Top Priority
Egypt Tries to Boost Human Rights Credentials for Biden
Burkina Faso Road Bomb Kills Six in Ambulance
Sudan Official: Tribal Clashes Kill at Least 10 in Darfur
Court Allows Eight Presidential Challengers to Chad's Deby
Senegal Opposition Leader Arrested as Supporters Clash With Police
Guaido Calls for Opposition Input Into New Electoral Body
Venezuela Sent Gold to Mali, UAE for Cash, Opposition Claims
Guyana Says Two Venezuelan Fighter Jets Flew Over Its Airspace
Colombia Military Attack Kills 10 FARC Guerillas
Iraq Daily Roundup: US Contractor Among 16 Killed
Christians Await Pope Francis's Visit
Pope Francis to Meet Iraqi Ayatollah in Move Laden With Geopolitical Undertones
Saudi Arabia
Khashoggi Report 'Unlikely' to Change Saudi Arabia Credit Rating
Twitter Suspends Thousands of Pro-Saudi Accounts Following Khashoggi Report Release
US Calls on Saudi Arabia to Forgo 'Developing' Country Status at WTO
UN Rights Experts Urge Saudi Arabia to Release Three Young Shi'ites
Houthis Say US Sanctions Will Prolong War in Yemen
UK Defends Yemen Aid Cuts and Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Yemeni Govt Forces Kill 5 Houthis by Artillery Shelling in Taiz
Iran Taps Old Clients in Asia in Hopes of US Sanctions Lifting
Israeli-Owned Cargo Ship, Damaged by Explosions Blamed on Iran, Back at Sea
ICC Prosecutor To Probe War Crimes in Palestinian Territories, Angering Israel
Netanyahu: ICC War Crimes Probe Is 'Pure Antisemitism'
Eight Palestinians Detained, Five Injured in Israeli Raids in West Bank
Israeli Mob Attacks Palestinian Journalists in Mea Shearim Neighborhood
Palestinian Authority's Push to Regulate NGOs Raises Fear of Power Grab
Israeli General Laments His 'Stalinesque' Power Over Settler Youths
Turkish News Crew Attacked With Feces in Jerusalem Ultra-Orthodox Area
Turkey Has Stopped Insulting Us but Action Still Needed, France Says
Turkish Court Probes Pro-Kurdish Party as Pressure for Ban Grows: Officials
Turkey Says It May Negotiate Maritime Demarcation With Egypt
Middle East
Syria Camp for ISIS Relatives Records 31 Murders This Year
Arab League Gives Egyptian Aboul Gheit Second Five-Year Term
One Killed, Four Wounded as Unidentified Object Explodes in Lebanon's Tripoli
Kremlin Says Russia Will Respond to New Western Sanctions
Moscow Calls US Navalny Sanctions a 'Hostile Anti-Russian Lunge'
Man Injures Eight With Axe in Sweden Before Being Shot, Arrested
Swedish Police Investigating Possible 'Terror Motives' in Knife Attack
Blast at Dutch Covid Test Center Appears Intentional, Police Say
EU Vows Legal Response as UK Moves Unilaterally on Northern Ireland
Slovakia's Political Crisis, Triggered by Sputnik V, Deepens
Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict: How Baku Destroyed Russian S-300s With Israeli Suicide Drones
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
We Need To Talk About Chad: Franco-America's Favorite Hired Gun

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American Coups: Biden's First Tests

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The Best Evidence That America Has a Foreign Policy Problem: The World Is Fixated on US Politics

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Washington's Habitual Fondness for 'Friendly Dictators'

Ramzy Baroud
'Leaving Aside' International Law: Why Democrats Are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine

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Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back

Reese Erlich
Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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Election Day: One Thing's for Sure, an Interventionist Will Win

Lucy Steigerwald
Jackson State and Forgotten History

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The FBI vs.

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