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Updated July 18, 2024 - 7:26 PM EDT
Netanyahu Visits Israeli Troops in Rafah
  Mossad Chief: Netanyahu Thwarting Ceasefire Deal
  Israeli Lawmakers Vote Against Palestinian Statehood
  Pentagon Officially Ends Gaza Pier Operations
  Turkey 'Threatens' Israel After Army Uses Gaza Hospital as Base
Death Toll for Journalists Hits 160 in Gaza
  Letters From Gaza Children Decry Daily Horrors of Israeli Assault
  Gaza Father Mourns His Baby Boy, Killed in Bed by an Israeli Airstrike
China Stops Arms Control Talks With the US
  Trump Says Taiwan Should Pay the US for Its Defense
Germany Plans to Slash Ukraine Spending in Half
  NATO Appoints Senior Official to Represent Alliance in Ukraine
Hawks Want Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton in Trump Admin
item Would the President Be in Charge During a War in Taiwan?  by Andy Corbley
item Israel Is Falling Apart, and American Leaders Are in Denial  by Philip Weiss
item 170 Years of US Aggression Against Nicaragua  by Rick Sterling
item It Is Time to Shut Ukraine's Door to NATO  by Doug Bandow

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Current Defense Plans Require Unsustainable Future Spending
by Dan Grazier, Julia Gledhill, & Geoff  Wilson
Survivors Tell of Al-Mawasi Massacre Horror in Gaza
ICC Warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant Expected Within Next Two Weeks
Iran Open To Resuming Nuclear Accord Talks: Acting Foreign Minister
Russia Says US, West Are Destabilizing Global Order, Economy

Watch: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at UN on Avoiding WWIII

Kremlin Says Trump Presidency Yielded Nothing Good for Russia, but at Least There Was Dialogue

Russian Oil Supply to Hungary Halted Due to Ukraine Sanctions on Lukoil

Russia, Ukraine Conduct Prisoner Exchange Freeing 190 Soldiers

British Government To Scrap Northern Ireland Amnesty Scheme for Ex-Soldiers and Militants
Spain Proposes Tightening Rules on Media To Tackle Fake News
Switzerland Opens Dozens of Russian Sanctions Cases
Powerful Labour Friends of Israel Group Backs UK's Restoration of UNRWA Funding With Caveats
Greek Cypriot Administration To Build Naval Base With Greece's Support
Germany Says Not Possible To Continue Military Cooperation With Niger
Burhan and Abiy's Secretive Talks Signal Shifting Ethiopian Position on Sudan
El Fasher Faces Famine as 800,000 Trapped in the War-torn North Darfur, WHO Warns
Sennar Faces Famine as RSF Siege Cuts Off Food and Fuel Supplies
Escaping Sennar: Accounts of Sudanese Civilians on the Run
Bystander Killed as Armed Groups Clash in Libya Seaside Town
Is a Serial Killer Behind Kenya's Dismembered Bodies?
South Sudan's SPLM-IO Pulls Out of Kenya-Mediated Peace Initiative
Tunisia Urges Europe To Increase Assistance To Tackle Migration Crisis
The War at Home
VA Projects $15 Billion Shortfall Driven by Costs for Veterans Benefits, Prescription Drugs and a Bigger Workforce
Military Burn Pit Exposure Not Tracked Properly, DoD Watchdog Warns
Appeals Court Voids Marine's Adoption of Afghan War Orphan
The Pentagon Is Paying a Consultant up to $2.4 Billion To Boost Submarine Production
Remains of Bataan Death March POW Returned Home
Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira To Face Court-Martial
Four Injured, Including Three Soldiers, in US Military Convoy Accident on Autobahn in Bavaria
North Korea Plants 'Tens of Thousands' of Mines on Border: Seoul
Pakistan Summons Taliban Envoy After Attack on Military Base
Israel 'Still Not Allowing' Fuel to Humanitarian Responders in Gaza: UN
Russia Says Israel Carrying Out 'Collective Punishment' in Gaza
Gaza's Women Are Forced To Use Sand To Clean Their Children
Israel's Undercover Forces Emerge as Gaza's Newest Battlefield Player
Israel's Defense Minister Says Gaza Operations Allow Hostage Deal
'Signs of Torture': Israel Releases 16 Detainees Including Elderly Woman and Youth
Hamas Rejects HRW Accusation of War Crimes in October 7 Attack
Israeli High Court Orders Govt Explain Conditions at Facility Where Palestinians Were 'Raped, Tortured'
Israel Charges One, Detains Two, for Iran Intelligence Links
US Hits Former Israeli Military Sergeant With Visa Restrictions
Biden Faces Ridicule for Saying He's Been 'Very Supportive' of Palestinians
Protesters Disrupt UN Security Council With Call To Free Gaza Hostages
Turkey Vows To Stand Ground on Israel Until End to 'Massacre, Occupation, Genocide' in Palestine
Squeezed by Israel, Palestinian Authority's Role Fades in West Bank
Netanyahu Works Behind the Scenes To Win Trump Back
Israel's West Bank Policy Is Dooming Two-State Solution: UN Chief
Israeli Army Chief Demands Netanyahu's Apology Over Remarks Critical of Military
'Dive Bomber' Drones Strike US Base in Western Iraq
UN's Secretary-General Appoints New Special Representative for Iraq
Middle East
Saudi Crown Prince, Iran President-Elect Stress Enhancing Bilateral Cooperation
Disruptions to Shipping in Red Sea Expanded: Maersk

Iran Blasts Trump Assassination Plot Claims

Hezbollah Threatens To Fire on New Israeli Targets
China Ready To Join Hungary for Peace in Ukraine: Top Diplomat
New Deal Establishes a Hotline Chinese and Philippine Presidents Can Use To Stop Clashes at Sea
Photos: Bangladesh Shuts Schools and Universities After Six Killed in Protests
Violent Clashes Erupt Between Police and Protesters in Bangladesh
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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